Quality Assurance:

The Quality Assurance division ensures that quality safety and efficiency are designed and built into our products and which happens at each and every stage of production and manufacturing. We ensure that all the functions of QC & manufacturing are well controlled by Quality Assurance.

All the foremost stages of manufacturing process is validated & verified to determine that every product we manufacture conforms over its shelf life to internationally accepted standards of quality, purity, efficiency and safety.

Regular training programs for our people guarantee that they implement higher standards by the day. In all countries where we market our products, we work incessantly, not only to meet the stringent regulations but also to set new benchmarks.

Quality Control:

With the objective to provide always safe product, Quality Control department works constantly with accurate analytical methods.
Our laboratories are equipped with equipments to ensure that accurate parameters are followed in manufacturing and ensuring quality at each stage.
Dedicated people for each sections of laboratory and their continuous training is ensured every time.

Quality Policy:

Manufacturing & supplying excellent quality drugs to consistently meet the needs of valued clients and the mankind in general.
Ensuring strict compliance with guidelines, established national and international standards in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry.
Treating health, safety and environmental protection as an integral part of the quality strategy.
Enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in Quality management System in conformity whit ISO 9001:2015.

Quality Features:

All of our products undergo extensive R&D and stringent quality control tests as per international norms
We use sophisticated and latest equipments for qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.
Testing is performed by highly qualified, well-trained and experienced analytical chemists for achieving the best in quality control